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Trust me, I get it. I've been there. It's Saturday night, you're at the RedBox in sweats and a t-shirt renting a foreign film, while your take-out-for-one is getting cold in the car. You grab a King Size Snickers at the register to make up for the fact that you're still single and you need at least ONE good thing to go home with. 
This IS real life but it doesn't have to be so bleak. 

To get something different............ Do something different

If You Are the Woman in this Video, Please STOP! 

Oh Excedrin, I want to hate this commercial but the truth is - far too many women act this way!!  

As soon as this lady says, 'Not gonna happen' my immediate response (out loud) was WHY NOT??? 

First off, you're married (or partnered or whatever) - GET SOME and get it often!! 

Ladies, ladies - c'mon now. If this is you, you need to STOP. 

Stop buying into the lie that sex is:
  1. For special occasions (do it twice on special occasions!)
  2. Boring (you're doing it wrong)
  3. A chore (how can you compareRead more

The First Step 

When you are just getting started with something, or have to do something unpleasant it can feel like you are trying to move a brick wall. You may be ready to end a bad relationship, start a new one or begin healing from one that just ended.   Sometimes that wall will just be a styrofoam facade that can easily be pushed down. These are the walls that you sit back and wonder, "why did I take so long to try moving passed this wall!"   Other times you will approach a wall and it will literally be a wall. Those… Read more

Relationship Coaching: What is it and how can it help me? 

A relationship coach is a coach who specializes in helping their clients achieve deeper more fulfilling connections with the people in their lives. In simple terms relationship coaching is about human relationships and how to make them better. A relationship coach will generally help a client sort through all life issues but pay special attention to issues surrounding other people. A relationship coach can help a client simplify what is important in each relationship. As the client gains clarity about what… Read more

Choose Love 

Driving down the road near my house I've probably seen this wall hundreds of times. Today I actually SAW it. It looks like someone spray painted it and someone else tried to power wash it off. This makes me enjoy it even more. It's so indicative of love because once it's written there's always an impression on your heart. Even if you blow up this wall the mark will still be there. It may be on a thousand pieces but it's still there. Love might fade but it never really goes away, not if it was really… Read more

Write your own life's story 

"Write your own life's story".... but what if you have writer's block? What if you had the book almost written then someone burned it before you could complete the happy ending?

It's time to start over but the blank white page is blinding. The options are wide open - I can write it anyway I like. That's both scary and exciting, worrisome and wonderful. Whatever I write will guide me in one direction or another and each path has it's own ups and downs. I know God will light the way for me, but the beginning… Read more


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